Speech Sound Support


“Like having a Speech Therapist in your pocket”

This pack contains all of my ideas on working on ten of the earliest developing speech sounds following the principles of Auditory Bombardment…..AND….they are the UK’s first eco-friendly Speech Therapy Resource!

Printed on recycled Kraft card, provided with an organic GOTS certified cotton storage bag, posted and packaged by me with recycled and recyclable packaging.


Includes free delivery within the UK


This pack is designed to support your child’s speech sound development at home by weaving our easy to follow activities into play.

This pack is for you if you wan to support natural speech sound development or if you are;
Concerned about the sounds you child uses
Supporting a child with speech delay
Not always able to understand what your child says
Unfamiliar people are not always able to understand your child
On a waiting list for speech and language assessment
On a waiting list for speech sound therapy

This set of cards is designed to support you to support speech sound development in young children. This set focuses on ten of the earliest developing English consonant sounds (p b t d k g m n s f). It is aimed at children under five years but can be adapted to be used with older children that continue to have speech sound difficulties.

Each card focuses on one sound and provides easy to follow activities that all include the target sound. Each card also provides an example word list, suggested book, song and nursery rhyme.

Pack includes;
x1 front card with a description and instructions
x10 cards each covering 1 speech sound; target word list, suggested activities, nursery rhyme, story and song.
x1 GOTS certified organic cotton draw string bag for storage

This is the UK’s first sustainable, environmentally conscious Speech & Language Therapy Resource, printed on thick recycled craft card and packaged in a cotton draw string.