Sterling silver double name bangle with copper links ~ Personalised Mother's day gift ~ Anniversary gift ~ Anniversary Jewellery ~ New Mum jewellery ~


Brand Red Teds

Sterling silver Family Double Bangle with Copper links. The design shown has a husband and wife on one bangle, the date of their marriage on the second, then the links of copper are made up from children's names so you can have as many children's links as you need.

The bangles are rolled and hammered to approx 1mm which adds the tactile texture finish which gives it an organic look and feel. The copper discs are cut from 0.7mm sheet.

Each item is individually handmade, hand-stamped with a 2mm uppercase character, polished, the personalisation is hand-stamped rather than machine engraved, as such, any irregularities should be appreciated as part of a bespoke design.