Flour Handmade Lino Print | Sugar Butter Flour Wall Art for Kitchen | Gift for Baker | WAITRESS The Musical | Mid Century Modern


This mid-century inspired original lino print of ‘flour’ is inspired by the song ‘What’s Inside’ from the musical Waitress. This print is available in pink, yellow and blue. These prints are ideal art for your kitchen, or for that person in your life who really should apply to the Great British Bake Off! In order to complete the song (♫Sugar,Butter,Flour!♬) I also have sugar and butter prints available

•Please note that this print is supplied UNFRAMED
•Print size: 8x10.5cm
•Paper size: Approx A5
•Paper: Seawhite Cupcycle (made from recycled coffee cups!); 140gsm
•Ink: Custom blends of Schminke Aqua Relief Print ink

I design each print by hand in my little garden studio. The designs are transferred to lino, carved, and then individually hand-printed. Due to this process, each print may contain some slight variations, meaning yours will never look exactly the same as anyone else’s! Each print goes through a strict quality control process, but it is normal to see small amounts of ink transfer on the reverse of your print.