Swim School Long Sleepwear Set


Brand Nightire

Don these long bamboo PJs for frosty evenings, icy mornings and wintery days spent cosying up at home, or to cover up hairy legs you just can’t be bothered to shave. Our super soft long sleepwear set is as breathable and temperature regulating as they come.

This print is part of our Sleeping in Sunshine range - inspired by days filled with ice creams, sandy toes, barbeques and sunny rays - the patterns are sure to get you in a summery state of mind, no matter the weather outside. 

A bold and adventurous print for the bold and adventurous among you. Perfect for when your status reads something like this: Daytime wardrobe - black jeans, black top, black boots. Night-time wardrobe - unicorn slippers, colourful PJs covered in swimmers and a pink dressing gown.

This model is a size MEDIUM and has donned a MEDIUM set. When in doubt - size down.

- vegan & certified organic

- hypo-allergenic & antibacterial

- temperature-regulating