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The Sun Will Rise and we Will Try Again Art Print 11” x 14”


An original 11” x 14” linocut featuring three warm toned semi circles, fading from dark to light to represent the rising sun, with an overlay of a hand-lettered quote which evokes feelings of warmth and hope for the future. 

This bold terracotta toned print has been illustrated, carved and printed by hand and is the perfect addition to any home where a little positive thinking is encouraged.

Each edition of these prints takes a few weeks to create; the four colours, which are custom hand mixed, are printed individually and need to dry before the next layer can be put down. Therefore, each print run will differ slightly from the last and no two prints will ever be exactly the same.

Prints are packaged in tissue paper and shipped in hard-backed envelopes marked with ‘please do not bend’.

Please note, frames are not included.