The Unicorn Prosecco Shimmer Se


Brand Team Hen

Pimp your Prosecco with this set of colourful & fruity sparkle drops.

The Unicorn Prosecco Shimmer Set consists of 8 individual bottles of bright sparkle drops - enough for approximately 80 glasses of fizz! These naturally flavoured fruity drops add a real zing to your prosecco, gin or cocktails. Simply add a few squeezes from the pipette into your glass and then top up with something bubbly for a gorgeous shimmery drink! Perfect for summer cocktails, sundowners and any special occasion. Each fruity flavour has its own sparkly colour: Passionfruit - Gold Strawberry - Red Cherry - Pink Raspberry - Blue Blackcurrant - Purple Rhubarb - Rose Gold Peach - Peach Lime - Green

Also available to purchase separately, including more delicious flavours, such as pear, watermelon and elderflower - Sugar, Water, Glycerine, Flavourings, Citric Acid, Salt, E172, E104, E171, E175, E133, E555 Mica, E122, E102, E124, Cornflour, Preservative E202, Emulsifier: SOYA Lecithin.