Things That Go Custom Pouch


This design is made up of the name or words of your choice, surrounded by rainbow coloured dinosaurs. You can choose the colour of your pouch, as well as the colour of the wording too. Please see images to see colour options available and write your choices in the custom text box, along with the wording you’d like. If your little one likes a particular dinosaur that isn’t shown on the pouches in the images, please let me know in the custom text box, I’m always happy to make a special one for you and to learn about new dinosaurs myself!

Busy bags are so great for kids, and you can pack them with so many different things that you can reuse and reuse them for years. Fill them with things to entertain your kids in tricky situations, traffic jams, long car journeys, or just organise your activities for them at home. Phonics, numbers, fine motor skills or just fun building blocks and pull-back cars! 

Most busy bags are normally plastic zip pouches or sandwich bags, but these are 100% organic cotton, and will set a great example to your kids as you reduce the amount of plastic you use. 

If you're not sure or would like to send a design to me to print on the bag, please write 'CONTACT ME TO ARRANGE DESIGN' in the text box. I will email you and we will work together to make the perfect busy bag for you and your kid. 

Each pouch will take up to 2 weeks to make and send out, but it often takes less time than this.

The pouch measures approximately 28cm x 20cm, and is not suitable for machine washing - wipe clean with a damp cloth.