Tiny leather purse keyring - love


Brand Josie Fay

This handpainted tiny purse is the cutest addition to any set of keys. It really is amazingly tiny!

The envelope style purse is designed to perfectly hold a pound coin, for emergencies or shopping trolleys. I can never find a pound when I need one so I designed this tiny addition to make sure I always have one to hand. As well as hiding a coin, it is a very unique and eye-catching keyring in it's own right. It makes me smile every time I catch sight of it on my keys. In a luxurious natural leather with vibrant tiny red hearts, it makes your keys easy to spot at the bottom of your bag.

The tiny purse could also be used to stash a folded up note, so that you always have some money with you when you have your keys.

The purse is completely hand stitched from luxurious Italian leather and features solid brass hardware, just like my full size purses.

The purse comes with a 2cm diameter solid brass key ring.

The envelope snugly fits a £1 coin and it's approximate outer measurements are 3.9 cm wide by 2.8cm tall and 0.9cm deep.