Titanium Akoya Pearls - Black Pearl Earrings


Titanium Akoya Black Pearl Earring studs 5mm

Beautiful and Hypoallergenic Black Pearl Earrings.

These black pearls I picked for their amazing lustre! The colours on these are beautiful. Akoya pearls are a step up from Freshwater pearls, because they're grown in saltwater they have a better lustre, rarer and more sort after.

All our natural pearl studs have a great lustre, each is unique but I group as pairs so they match and due to the Titanium posts and backs they are hypoallergenic and skin safe.

We find people love the 5mm size for everyday wear. Not too big, they are a great size to subtly complement any outfit.

All my materials are assay tested so you can guarantee you are getting a quality product.
These are pure Titanium, tough, hypoallergenic and no other metals involved.
Grade 1 Pure Titanium posts (HART.directory #HART-ca-151118b)
Grade 1 Pure Titanium backings (HART.directory #HART-ca-151118a)

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