Tom Bawcocks Eve Mousehole Stargazey Pie Original Lino Print – Gallery Wall Art – Cornish Legends – Local Artist – Gift for Dad - Fisherman


This intricate circular lino print tells the story of Tom Bawcock’s Eve, also well known as the story of The Mousehole Cat, by Antionette Barber.

Many years ago, in the Cornish fishing village of Mousehole, the villagers were on the bring of starvation due to fierce storms, just before Christmas. Tom Bawcock, a Mousehole resident, braved the storms and headed out to see if he could catch food for the village. He managed to bring home the largest catch ever seen, and the villagers feasted on ‘seven sorts of fish’!

Tom Bawcock’s Eve is celebrated on 23rd December each year, marked by a lantern procession through the streets and the consumption of stargazey pie, a Cornish dish where sardines are baked in the pie with their heads poking through the pastry. In honour of The Mousehole Cat, a tiny cat silhouette is seen on the prow of the boat. Tom leans over the edge, the boat tossing in the storm, and pulls in his epic catch.

The print is surrounded by lyrics from Robert Nance’s folk song about Tom Bawcock’s Eve (in modern English, rather than the original Cornish!). Each print is hand-finished with silver ink depicting Tom’s net catching his seven sorts of fish! This print would be a wonderful addition to your gallery wall. Alternatively, it makes a marvellous gift for a friend who loves Cornwall!

•Print size: Approx 15cm (6 inches) diameter
•Paper size: A4
•Paper: 140gsm cartridge paper
•Ink: Schminke Relief Print Ink in Process Blue

I design each print by hand in my little garden studio. The designs are transferred to lino, carved, and then individually hand-printed. Due to this process, each print may contain some slight variations, meaning yours will never look exactly the same as anyone else’s! Each print goes through a strict quality control process, but it is normal to see small amounts ink transfer on the reverse of your print.