Wild Animal Print Play Dough Pots


Wild Play Dough Tubs. 4 awesome animal print play dough tubs. Under the top layer the play dough is layered separately so it's your child's choice (or yours!) whether they would like to mix the colours. 

Our play dough pots include:

250g of soft, natural play dough.
Scented with our Signature Fragrance Oil
Magic added with biodegradable glitter

Individual tubs:

Zebra - White and Black Play Dough - Baby Powder Scented with eco glitter

Tiger - Orange and Black Play Dough - Juicy Orange Scented

Leopard - Sand, Brown and Black Play Dough - Caramel Scented

Snake - Light and Dark Green play dough - Cut Grass Scented with eco glitter

Natural, non toxic homemade play dough.

CE Certified with natural ingredients and vegan friendly. 

Due to the chocking hazard our playdough is suitable for 3+