YAAASS QUEEN brass pendant necklace


A hand stamped brass pendant suspended from chunky 24k gold plated chain - empowering, unique and perfect for the strong woman in your life.


Yaaass Queen!


This is the perfect gift for your best mate, your partner in crime, your mischief manager, your sister from another mister.  Or simply a gift for yourself, because it's.....Tuesday?


his necklace is unique, beautiful and awesome - just like you.


You need this necklace. Buy it. You know you want to!



About our Feminist Jewellery Range….


When I created the feminist jewellery range, I wanted to make pieces that would empower the wearer and make them feel strong on situations where they might be uncomfortable.


Sexism is alive and well in our society - women the world over put up with casual sexism on a daily basis. So I wanted to create jewellery that would make women feel that little bit stronger, even if the pieces are worn subtly under a T-shirt where they couldn’t necessarily be seen.