Hand woven Tapestry in 2019 by Abigail Wastie

This piece is made intricately woven with Axminister yarn on a cotton warp. The background is a soft white plain weave and the yes is complied of densely packed canary yellow tassels trimmed and shaped to create the ‘Yes’. The piece is hemmed with a thick tassel fringing.


To complete a clean finish the hanging on this piece is hidden behind the tapestry, there is a strip of Velcro hand stitched along the back of the tapestry, the Velcro then sticks to a length of wood with Velcro on it and you can either screw the wood into your wall or hang on a nail.


Tapestry should be displayed away from bright sunlight to maintain the original colour and to remove any unwanted dust brush with a clean paint brush or a lint roller.