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You Are Amazing | Teaspoon | In support of Just A Card


Support small businesses? You're most definitely amazing! This you are AMAZING teaspoon is designed and sold in support of the Just A Card campaign. For each sale, Lanas Basket will donate £4 to Just A Card so that they can continue to spread the word about the amazingness of shopping from small businesses. Made from 18/8 stainless steel, all of our teaspoons are hardwearing and suitable for daily use. All of our products are gift wrapped in brown paper with brown craft tape, tied together with a festive green twine and finished with a hand printed Lanas Basket label to give it that rustic Christmas feel [image 2]

To find out more about Just A Card and the work they do, head to

Product details...
Spoon measurements are approximately as follows:
h e a d: L5cm x W3cm // L1.96 inch x W1.18 inch
h a n d l e: L9cm x W1.6cm // L3.54 inch x W0.62 inch

We only work with brand new, stainless steel cutlery, making it hard wearing for frequent use and is also dishwasher safe. The hand stamping process will ensure each item is original and as such the wording may not always be completely straight and may have minimal blemishes, although we feel that this only adds to the character and individuality of the product, ensuring no two items will ever be the same and making each item unique to the owner!

P L E A S E - N O T E: whilst the message in the image appears to look coloured, lettering is not filled in black. 

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