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We choose our partners carefully for their brand image, customer experience, product and service quality. If you wish to join our community you must be based in the UK and be an independent business.

To sell with us, you pay monthly payments of just £7.50 (cancel any time) and then commission of 12% on each sale (on the product price, not shipping). There are no hidden extra fees, we don’t charge you to list product, payment processing fees or anything else!

If you’d like to become an And so to Shop partner, simply complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Grow your business with us.

Hello, hello, so you’re thinking about joining the And so to Shop community, that’s fab!

We are more than just a group of indie business owners who support each other and grow together. We’re a movement, shouting about the benefits of shopping independent, driving customers away from the fat cats and towards a more ethical, sustainable and positive way of shopping.

Because we are all independent business owners, we get it, we know how hard it is to create and run a business. It involves wearing lots of different hats and doing lots of different jobs, which is why we try to support you in every way we can.

You receive a whole lotta stuff when you join and throughout your time with us:

  • Our online community gives you, the brand owner, the space to ask questions, get involved in projects, meet other indie business owners and gain support to grow your business.
  • You have unlimited listings, meaning you can fill your Shop with as many fabulous creations as you like.
  • We give you lots of branded posts so you can let your followers know that you are part of the #shopsmall movement.
  • You get the opportunity to promote your products and your brand with our Press Partners.
  • As well as all this, (because we really do value you, we think you’re fab!), we like to treat you from time to time. And so, as a little ‘hello’ you’ll receive a lovingly packaged Welcome Pack full of indie treats!

Our doors are open to applications from you, no matter what your background, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexuality or education. You can see and hear more about our values and why we want to hear from you here