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Our blog seeks to give And so to Shop customers useful, easy to read articles about things that matter to them. 

So who are our shoppers? 

Predominantly omen aged 35-45 who live in the UK. They care about where their products come from and want to shop more ethically and sustainably. They’re also looking to find great gift ideas, homeware and fashion. Most of our shoppers have a family, so articles related to babies, children and marriage would be relevant. They have various interests including cooking, home decor, plants/gardening, fashion, travel, work, being creative and more.

What types of articles would they like to see? 

  • Useful ‘how to’ guides
  • Trending
  • Inspirational pieces
  • Practical craft/home decor ideas
  • Get to know your brand
  • Behind the scenes
  • FAQ
  • Interview
  • Day in the life
  • Recipes 

This is not an extensive list, so feel free to submit articles that fall outside of those above. 

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