A Royal Fit

Once upon a time,not too long ago...
a young Princess was turning 1.

Her loving Mummy wanted to create her something special to wear to celebrate and that she could keep forever. "A crown would be adorable!" exclaimed the Princess' Mummy and so, set to work at her sewing machine. A short time passed and a lovely little crown made from felt was created. This crown was worn at a the Princess' birthday party and then for the official first birthday photoshoot.

The Princess' Mummy shared this picture with her friends and family, and pretty soon was asked to make more special crowns for those closest to the family. This interest gave Mummy an idea... why not make this a business? Shortly after, test trading began.
By October, Mummy had people she'd never met before trying to order crowns for their little Princes and Princesses. Once it was proven that there was a business to grow, it all became official.
This little business is now known as A Royal Fit, run by Mummy, Sophie Ratchford. You can find handmade crowns, bows, flowers and party hats all in our shop.

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